For MTT, SnG & Cash Game Players live and online

♠️♥️  Offline Poker Game Helper Tool -  for Instant Profit Raise ♦️♣️


♦️ App gives  GTO suggestions according stack size and position

♦️ For fast & balanced preflop decisions less than 2 seconds

♦️ Shows colored range charts for: fold, raise, call or 3-bet

♦️ Instant access to Nash charts & Power Numbers chart

♦️ Coaching section with over 100 important poker topics

♦️ Explanations for basic tournament strategies

♦️ Basic mathematics like: equity, combinatorics, odds & outs

♦️ Runs Offline on iPad & iPhone, parallel to your poker game


♠️  GTO ranges in colored graphic charts

♠️ Preflop desicions in all situations

♠️ Tournament strategies in all stages

♠️ Cash Game strategies

♠️ No data to be entered

♠️ Just click twice for instant results

♠️ Strategic tips in all positions

♠️ Equity tables, combinatorics, odds & outs

♠️ > 100 different Coaching topics

♠️ Direct results during tournament

♠️ Runs offline

For whom is this application?

 ♠️   You like to raise your ROI (return of investment) and win more $ in less time?

♠️   This App fits perfect for all MTT, SnG and 6 max cash game players.

♠️   You play MTT, SnG or Cash Games and are often not quite sure whether a fold, raise, call or 3-bet would be the right thing?

♠️   Do you want to strengthen your fundamental game?

♠️   Would you like mathematical explanations for decisions?

♠️   Do you find yourself in situations where you do not know whether a push or a fold would be the correct game?

♠️   You hear poker terms and are not quite sure their meaning? This App will explain all needed poker terms.

♠️   You are looking for fast coaching for over 100 topics


      What does this App offer YOU?


♠️    In all stages of the MTT, SnG or CashGame, instant decision support according stack size and position.

♠️    Instant GTO  proposal always in less than 2 clicks or 2 seconds

♠️    No hand info to be entered manually.

♠️    Range tables for 6 different tournament stack sizes

♠️    Open raise ranges, flatting ranges or 3 betting ranges in charts

♠️    Strategic tips

♠️    Basic mathematics in equity, starting hands, combinatorics, odds & outs

♠️    Coaching and explanations covering important topics for MTT, SnG or CG

♠️    A glossary and much more….



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“TX Hold`em Companion”